A Look through the reticle of the ARES BTR Rifle Scope

Post from Jadeprecision LLC: Near dusk through the ALL NEW Ares BTR 4.5-27X50 FFP rifle scope. The barn is 996 yards away, magnification is about 10-12X here IIRC. The APLR3 reticle works well and the image stays bright in low light. Video to follow. JADE Precision, LLC.   #athlonoptics #athlonaresbtr #aresbtr #athlonclarity #athlontracking #athlonprecision #athlonnation

Athlon Testimonial: Kevin of Idaho on his Midas BTR 4.5-27X50

Athlon Testimonial from Kevin of Idaho on his Midas BTR 4.5-27X50 Subject: Cleaning the sap off of my Midas Rifle Scope Message: I was wondering what your recommendation is for cleaning sap off the lenses on my scope. I just bought my scope last fall and got into some thick brush and literally had to […]

Lantz uses the Argos BTR 8-34X56 in a double Elk Harvest in Colorado!

Lantz Emerson: “Rifle Scope is the Argos BTR 8-34×56 Hunting in Colorado outside Ridgeway, CO. Hunting Wednesday evening on the peak of the ridge and had a group of 15 elk come out the the aspens 400 yards in front of me and 200 below me. Two legal bulls and I picked out the bigger […]

Crystal Puts Down Young Buck in Montana! Midas 10X42’s deliver!

Props to Crystal for harvesting this young buck in the mountains near Dillon, Montana. Crystal and her husband Dennis glassed for this buck in a herd of does with her Midas 10X42 binoculars and was finally able to deliver the shot at about 150 yards after clearing the other deer. Way to go Crystal! Dennis […]

Taking the Midas BTR 4.5-27X50 for a Spin!

Repost from @mzgarmory  : “Mounted a Athlon Optics Midas BTR 4.5-27X50 SFP and took it to the range to zero it. Even on an overcast day the image was bright and clear!” Thanks for sharing this pic with us MZG Armory! #athlonoptics #athlonmidas #athlonprecision #athlonclarity  

Gus Congemi (“Live the Wild Life TV” ) – Athlon Products Review

Gus Congemi host of “Live the Wild Life TV” Any product used on this show has to be able to hold up in the most extreme conditions. We have taken our Athlon Optics on some of our wildest hunts and they preformed perfectly. Light weight, durable Athlon fits all of our optic needs. Superior quality […]