A customer from Loveland Colorado recently bought a pair Cronus 10×42 binocular and shared his experience with it.  Below is directly from his email:

“Spent yesterday comparing Cronus 10×42 to the Swarovski 10×42 EL we have had for years and has been our gold standard.  Ergonometrics IMO favor the Cronus, especially the diopter adjustment.  Both have great glass and it is nigh on impossible for me to decide which of the two has better clarity and resolution either by looking at daylight objects or star testing at night.  My wife favors the Swaros by a bit but also admits its close.  Light gathering seems equal.  Both are waterproof, and both are about the same size, shape and weight.  The final observation I would make is you can buy 4-5 pairs of Cronus binoculars for the price of one of the Swaros.”

“Here is where I am on the evaluations. Have compared the binoculars multiple times and have not been able to decide which have better glass – until now. Looking at detailed objects at 100-800 yards I have to say the Cronus gives better resolution. Now that is a big statement when comparing to the generally accepted gold standard Swarovski. I have looked several times to be sure I was not skewing the results, but I am not. One disclaimer, our, Swaro 10×42 EL are 12 yrs old and thus the. First generation of ELs. I do not know if current Swaro have changed glass formulae, coatings, etc.
But I do know the Cronus is unbelievably beating the set of Swaro ELs we have!”


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