After intense engineering design work and countless revision of drawings and some other design details, we have finalized the design of 6 brand new binocular families. From the top of the line, Cronus family, We have Ares, Midas, Argos, Talos, and Neos families that consist of total 28 configurations in 6 product lines. The way we design and structure our binocular product families is we used the best engineering resources both inside our company and from our manufacture partners trying to either provide the best technology or features at the same or  better cost than other brand products in the market or offer the equivalent technology or features as other competitor’s brand at  more competitive cost to our beloved communities. Our goal from day one has been set at offering great quality products with great savings to the community we love, so we have been doing everything we can do to achieve that, employing the best engineers,  streamlining supply chain to cut cost, getting us vertically integrated with supplier base to reduce waste,  implementing rigorous quality control processes, and last but not least engaging and listening to end users during product development process so we can capture and incorporate real time feedback from the market.    Our newly designed product system and features, such as Edge to Edge Sharpness System, EXP Dielectric Coating, XPL coating,  Phase corrected coating, Advanced Fully Multi Coating, really set us apart from other products in the same price range in the market. For more details of each individual product please go to the individual product page. If you still need more information besides what we have on the website, feel free to contact us at or through our toll free number 855-913-5678.

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