Played with the scope and after a couple hours decided I liked the first focal plane, mil reticle and esp the 1X lower power with wide FOV. So went down and got a mount and replaced the Leopold 1.5-4X I had on my DL carbine. Got it zeroed in. shot 0.35 group. These groups were prone w bipod 50 after only putting 10 rounds through the DL 5.56 rifle to get it close. Hornady TAP 55 grain. second day shot the target at 100 yard. pretty gusty but still got it .375″ group. Love this scope! FFP is the deal.

Keep pushing on the scope on the third day. set up a 10″ plate at 500 yard. 3 rounds 3 hits. This is a scope you can really use it for 20 -500 yards target. 500 Yards 3 rounds 3 hits


Jack H – From Colorado

Argos BTR 1-4 groupingArgos BTR 1-4 grouping 100 yardsIMG_0301IMG_0302

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