A Big Welcome to Athlon Pro Staffer Michael Wulf from Indiana:

My name is Michael Wulf and I live in SW Indiana. I’m married and have two children; a twelve year old daughter and four year old son. Our family enjoys spending time outdoors for all sorts of activities. I’m relatively new to the hunting sport with only about 6 years of experience now but have definitely caught the passion. I love to observe and learn to become the best outdoorsman I can.  That love also spills over to my family as well. My entire family tries to hunt together as much as possible. When we aren’t together we are definitely teaching and sharing our experiences in the outdoors whether it is hunting morels, sheds or sitting in the stands waiting for that elusive whitetail.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to Missouri to hunt turkeys and to Ohio to hunt whitetails. Both trips I was successful on my first time. Luck maybe, dedication absolutely!

Currently I manage three farms that have great potential of producing some great midwest whitetail genes. I also try to hit up the 8,000 acres of public land just quarter mile away from my house. I spend an immense amount of time learning the terrain and using my gear to help accomplish this.

I am very fortunate to work in the outdoor industry as a Sales Manager at American Whitetail, Inc. We sell competition archery mats, NASP school targets,  as well as hunting targets.



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