Josh Smith with Deep Fork Outfitters on the Cronus 20-60×86 spotting scope:

So after having the Cronus 20-60×86 spotting scope baking in my truck in south eastern Arizona for over a month now while rolling around on the floor, I pulled it out and put it to the test again.

The actual video on my phone is amazingly clear. I shot two soda bottles at a mile today (1760 yards) using the Cronus 4.5-29×56 MOA scope, which also is top of the line. I have a night force Atacr and the Cronus is every bit as good as my night force and it comes with a way better price.

I’m a dealer for Athlon and have been putting their products thru hell the last 5 months and I could not be any happier. I highly recommend Athlon products to anyone for any application.




Cronus_Deep_Fork_Outfitters_June2016_Pic1 Cronus_Deep_Fork_Outfitters_June2016_Pic2

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