I would say Shelby Daniel is a Satisfied Athlon Customer:

“Athlon helped me break the top ten barrier today at the first K&M Precision Rifle Training Pistol/Carbine match (50 competitors).

I’m waiting on my Ares BTR 2.5-15x to come in, but in the meantime Jason Goodman loaned me a Talos 3-12×40. I was absolutely blown away how well it performed for the price range. Targets ranged from 1moa and up out to 400 yards today.

A good side note: After zeroing and getting my data out to 400 on Wednesday, my dog knocked my gun off of a chair onto the hardwood floor from waist level last night before the match. We didn’t get to check zero, so I was worried going into the match. But my scope was dead on all day long.

Thanks Ozark Optics and thanks to Athlon for making such a solid product. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

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